Mermaid Crate Unboxing: Twist of Fate

Alright! So, I am here today to gush about the book box that I just received! I’ve seen blog posts from others that feature book boxes, and now that I’ve opened mine, I really want to make one of my own and show you guys just how awesome this box is!

Here we go!

Mermaid Crate is one of the book subscription boxes here in the Philippines! I discovered them late last year, but it wasn’t until March this year that I decided to avail one of their boxes. Safe to say, that box is one of the best things that I spent my money on!

This May, their theme was an eye-catcher!

“The BOTM is a YA Fantasy novel full of magic and battles. Set in a world where kingdoms are in the brink of war and ruthless rulers run. This novel is packed with strong and fearless warriors that are willing to do anything just to save it.

The May “Twist of Fate” box will include items inspired by GAME OF THRONES, A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, RED RISING, and MORE!!!”

I was really interested the moment I saw their announcement but I held back because I was running low on funds. But then (oh here come the plot twist!), I saw one of their supplier/item reveals and it’s a Funko Pop! And that was it, I was sold!

Fast forward today, I received the package containing Mermaid Crate’s May “Twist of Fate”!

Mermaid Crate Box design

I rushed home just to open it and find out what’s inside. And when I did open it, oh boy, my heart just swelled! This box is filled to the brim with amazing items! Here they are:

Theme, Mermaid Bubble, and Poem

  • So this is the theme, Twist of Fate, plus a lovely letter from Alona (that’s the name of the mermaid in their logo! How cool is that?!)
  • Once Upon A Time poem by Angelica Anne Munar
  • The May 2018 edition of the Mermaid Bubble which contains an exclusive interview with V.E. Schwab! (I KNOW, I FREAKED OUT AS WELL AND I’M NOT EVEN A FAN YET)

Exclusive poster

  • This awesome exclusive poster by Danielle Topacio inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic! (IT LOOKS REALLY AMAZING I COULD CRY)

Funko pop and body wash

  • Jorah Mormont Funko Pop! a.k.a. the item that really urged me to buy this box! (MY INNER GAME OF THRONES FAN IS THRIVING)
  • An amazing Hey Mermaid! body wash by Organic Witch (this smells really good!)

Bookmarks and a set of Pride Stickers

  • A Lord of The Rings inspired bookmark! (I can actually clip this onto the page!)
  • An awesome bookmark made by Alarise Reyes
  • A Red Rising inspired magnetic bookmark by Ines Muñoz

And the book of the month!

Mermaid Crate's Twist of Fate BOTM

The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green!

Opening this took my breath away! I remember seeing this book on Goodreads on finding it so interesting, and now I have it in my hands!

And there you have it! These are the items that filled Mermaid Crate’s Twist of Fate box!

Contents of Mermaid Crate's Twist of Fate box

I had so much fun unboxing this. If you’ll watch my Instagram stories you’ll really see just how much I freaked out while I was going through everything in this box! It was so so good, and I’m just so so glad that I made up my mind to buy this. The perfect post-graduation gift to myself indeed!

So thank you so much Mermaid Crate! You are a gift to Filipino bookworms like me! And thank you every one who made this box possible! You are all amazing!

Everything inside Mermaid Crate's Twist of Fate box


Lots of love,


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