New Reading Buddies from Bookie Bookmarks

Hello book nerds! I am here to do another unboxing blog post, this time from Bookie Bookmarks!

Bookie Bookmarks is a bookmark shop based here in the Philippines. They produce regular bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, and various art prints for bookworms worldwide (yes, worldwide!).

Last June 30, I found out that I was chosen as one of their reps! I am so excited to be working with them and showing other people their lovely works. And that is why I’m here today, to show you the amazing goods I received last Saturday!

Are you ready?!


So the first contents of the package are three regular bookmarks, all Harry Potter-related!


I got Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, and Hermione Granger! They are all gorgeous; sporting a chibi design of the characters with corresponding quotes underneath.

IMG_20180719_205753 IMG_20180719_205911 IMG_20180719_205939

And then, I also got a set of magnetic bookmarks! And they are the Six of Crows character set! All the Dregs look so adorable here! Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Wylan, and Jesper:


Look how precious they are!

IMG_20180719_210112 IMG_20180719_210218

And my favorite part: when you flip them, you’ll find quotes or lines that the character has said in the book! This is such a unique design and I am loving every single one of them.

IMG_20180719_210431 IMG_20180719_210536

Now, what I love about these bookmarks is that they have a glossy texture, both the regular bookmarks and the magnetic ones! I also love how the regular bookmarks are very sturdy, and they don’t flop around like other bookmarks.


And there you go, that was my first rep package from Bookie Bookmarks! These new reading buddies will surely find home in my books.

IMG_20180719_210834 IMG_20180719_210803

I am so excited to see other designs and other products that they will come up with!

If you want to see other designs or products or you want to have these bookmarks for yourself right now, check out Bookie Bookmarkswebsite or their Instagram! And when you decide you want to get these reading buddies as well, you can use my code “OBSCURE5” for a 5% discount!



So what did you like most in this bunch? Is it the regular bookmarks or the magnetic ones? Comment down, let’s talk!


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