Book Review: Crack of Dawn

Title: Crack of Dawn

Author: Luicy Bora

Genre/s: Poetry, Romance

My rating: 3/5 stars

Goodreads synopis:

‘Crack of Dawn’ is a collection of poetry and prose with few illustrations.
Here a girl develops an infatuation for a rider person whose name signifies daybreak, reveals about her feelings through poetry and prose. This collection is composed by three chapters. The one says about the person for whom the affection is felt for. The second says about the girl’s divergent feelings and thoughts which one has to deal with while in love. And the third says about few memorable moments of them together.
‘Crack of Dawn’ will eventually tell a story about the girl and her love life


The author of this book gave me an e-book version in exchange for an honest review. I was a literary writer and editor back in college, so I was truly excited to delve into this book.

Crack of Dawn is a poetry book about a girl and her journey to falling in love. Reading it was a refreshing change of scene, since the books I read are either really long and emotional (and overwhelming!). It was nice to read something light and short, plus the illustrations were really fun and added more impact and feel into the different pieces.

There were poems that I really liked, pieces that really managed to kick me in the heart. However, there were also pieces that were a little too vague for me, and so, it gave off a feeling of disconnection. Also, there were some poems that didn’t quite get to me as much as I wanted because it contained ornate words that were actually distracting. So, instead of feeling and understanding the message that the poem was trying to convey, I was busy trying to make sense of that one word instead.

Other than that, the book was entertaining enough and reading through the protagonist’s perspective was fun. The poems really focused on the girl’s newfound feelings and experiences about love. I’m sure those who are into romance and love will adore this poetry book. This book was released last July 2018, so you can already get your own copy!


Have you guys tried reading poetry books before? What did you read?

This book also happens to be my 49th read of the year! Are you guys close to your reading goals?

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