Book Review: Eliza and Her Monsters

Title: Eliza and Her Monsters

Author: Francesca Zappia

Genre/s: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Mental Health

My rating: 5/5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Her story is a phenomenon. Her life is a disaster.

In the real world, Eliza Mirk is shy, weird, and friendless. Online, she’s LadyConstellation, the anonymous creator of the wildly popular webcomic Monstrous Sea. Eliza can’t imagine enjoying the real world as much as she loves the online one, and she has no desire to try.

Then Wallace Warland, Monstrous Sea’s biggest fanfiction writer, transfers to her school. Wallace thinks Eliza is just another fan, and as he draws her out of her shell, she begins to wonder if a life offline might be worthwhile.

But when Eliza’s secret is accidentally shared with the world, everything she’s built—her story, her relationship with Wallace, and even her sanity—begins to fall apart.


When I first heard about this book, I was already very interested. However, that did NOT prepare me for all the emotions that I went through when I finally read it.

Eliza and Her Monsters was an amazing read, (one that I finished in a record time of four hours) and I definitely enjoyed reading it more than I thought I would. It’s now one of my favorite reads this 2018.

The writing

The writing was so, so good! It was fun, it was easy, and it was so damn relatable. The writing in this book is actually my favorite thing because it was truly relatable, entertaining, and creative.

I found it creative because it was as if there were two stories in the book—Eliza’s life and Eliza’s comic book story. I loved it because the author blended these two stories together in such a manner that leads the reader on to this amazing journey.

I also found it truly relatable because for me, the author captured the emotions and thoughts of an introvert so well. I related to Eliza so damn much with every thought, every feeling, every fear, every doubt. Every emotion just punches me in the heart.

The characters

I loved the characters, of course.

As I mentioned, I related to Eliza so well in the whole story. She was an introvert, and Monstrous Sea, it was her escape—it was a part of her that she wanted to share with the world without actually being the center of people’s attention. I also loved how Eliza’s flaws were also shown, especially when it comes to her family, and she admitted these herself. I would have loved to see a full character development regarding these flaws, but it was still good nonetheless.

I liked Wallace as well. He was gentle and sweet, and such a geek just like Eliza. I was just a bit disappointed and annoyed at him near the end of the book, but of course I’m not telling why.

I also loved the interaction between Eliza and her online friends, and I adored how their friendship wasn’t devalued just because a screen separates them.

The plot

I loved the plot because as simple as it sounded, it actually was very complex as I read through the story. Apart from Eliza’s growing friendship with Wallace, there were also subplots about connecting and understanding your family, friendships both online and not, dealing with mental health, the struggle of artists and writers and their creations, everything. It’s actually kind of amazing for me how the author managed to tackle all of these in just about 400 pages.

I also loved the climax (no matter how heartbreaking it was), because I saw Eliza overcome a terrifying conflict (I really don’t want to go into detail about this because I might spoil you!). It was so good that I spent like the last 20% of the book crying while reading.

Quotes from the book

You found me in a constellation.

“…and how there are monsters out in the world, but usually, the worst monsters live inside of us.”

I learned years ago that it’s okay to do this. To seek out small spaces for myself, to stop and imagine myself alone. People are too much sometimes.

Blank pages are supposed to be an invitation. A challenge, even. Here is your canvas—how creative can you be? What limits can you stretch to bring to life that creature in your head? A blank piece of paper is infinite possibilities.

“Creating art is a lonely task, which is why we introverts revel in it…”

I wanted a story like it, and I couldn’t find one, so I created it myself.



Guys, that was such an amazing read! Read it for only four hours, then proceeded to cry AAAAAHHH Have you read this book already? If not, go add it to your 2019 TBR now!

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Eliza and Her Monsters

  1. Ahhhh this is also one of my most favorite books ever!! Everything about this book is just so amazing. I cried in the middle of the night because ahhhh it’s just SO heartbreaking. 💔

    Btw, same thoughts with Wallace. I really liked him but ehh when he did what he did. Nope.


  2. […] Eliza and Her Monsters definitely has a special place in my heart. The relationship between Eliza and Wallace was just so good. It was fluffy and cute, and it really made my heart swoon. I also loved it because Eliza was able to find someone that really understood her—her insecurities, her doubts, her feelings. And that for me was really beautiful. Also the book showed that mental health should be prioritized. If you love someone, you try to understand that tough situation. And no matter how much you love someone, your mental health should matter first. […]


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