Wanderlust Reader Unboxing: Encanto April 2019

Hi book nerds! It’s been a while since I posted something here! So sorry about that! I have been busy with work, and TV series, but hey, my reading continues!

Today though, I am here for an unboxing of Wanderlust Reader‘s April “Encanto” box!

For those who don’t know, Wanderlust Reader is a local book subscription box for YA fantasy lovers here in the Philippines! They also fervently support local artisans and small businesses, something that I really love and appreciate.

Hearing about the theme for April, which was Encanto, I was so excited!

Encanto, or engkanto as it is written in Filipino, is a mythical creature or spirit and is associated with a lot of Philippine myths and folklore. I used to love hearing all about Philippine myths and stories when I was a kid (and until now haha!), especially because both my parents came from the province of Iloilo, a place known for the paranormal. I just knew that I had to get this box!

Earlier this week, it finally arrived, and I can finally say that I am in love with it! Here are the contents:

Encanto Unboxing | @obscure.pages

Loved this box so much! From the items to the BOTM itself! My favorite is the Coraline mug! AAAAAHHHH I also can’t wait to read the BOTM! It’s giving me The Wicked Deep vibes and I loved that book, so I hope I like this one as well!

P.S. If you guys want to check out my story unboxing of this box, it’s on my Instagram, in the Unboxing 3 highlights!

Anyway, kudos to the WR team! I always look forward to getting their boxes. Although the shipment can take a while, every part of the box is definitely worth it! Absolutely excited for the next one!

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