Ink & Wonder Unboxing: Harry Potter Pins

Hi book nerds! I’m back with an unboxing, but it’s not a book subscriprion box this time haha! I’m here to share with you all the lovely enamel pins I got from Ink & Wonder!

Ink & Wonder is this wonderful company from Australia known for their incredible woodmarks, enamel pins, stationery, and more. They also have a monthly Wonder Crate filled with awesome bookish merch!

Earlier this August, they had a 30% off sale on their woodmarks and pins and I just had to grab the chance. I’ve seen their enamel pins and they are gorgeous, so I just had to buy some! (Plus I really want to add some more on my new enamel pin collection hahah!)

I bought three enamel pins: Expecto Patronum, Mischief Managed, and Lumos. Now, I know these pins looked awesome but they still took my breath away when I finally saw them in person!

Ink & Wonder Harry Potter Enamel Pins

Ink & Wonder Lumos Enamel Pin

Ink & Wonder Expecto Patronum Enamel Pin

Ink & Wonder Mischief Managed Enamel Pin

I also love how all of them are glow in the dark! (And they look awesome in the dark, too! My phone’s camera can’t capture it though. *cries*)

That’s all of it! (Plus a really cute Halloween bat sticker freebie!) So excited for these babies! And just in time for #backinhogwarts too, haha!

Really love Ink & Wonder because not only are their items affordable, they also look incredible (no joke, they really do!) Will definitely buy some more book merch from them in the near future! 😆

Do you guys have enamel pins? Where do you buy yours? Comment down below!

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