Pride Month Readathon: #spectrumreads

Book nerds! June is right around the corner. Y’all know what that means…

It’s Pride Month!

Oh, this wonderful month. I have so much love for this time of the year. I truly believe that gender and sexuality is a spectrum and I’ve always loved reading stories that highlight and uplift different representations and experiences.

This year, I’m celebrating it by (you guessed it!) reading queer books and queer books only! And most importantly, we want you to join in!

Introducing #spectrumreads ! A Pride Month readathon, photo challenge, and giveaway! I’ll be hosting this one with Dexter from Dexterous Totalous and we’re so excited to be finally announcing this.


Here are some guidelines:

  • For the readathon, all you need to do is build a TBR with these reading prompts and read them by their respective weeks.
  • For the photo challenge, take photos according to the photo prompts and share them on Instagram! Share your TBR, reading progress, share weekly wrap-ups, and more! Tag #spectrumreads !
  • For the giveaway, follow us on Instagram, and for every photo you post for the challenge, you get 5 entries! At the end of the month, we’ll pick two people who will win a recent LGBTQ+ book of their choice! (Just make sure Book Depository ships to you 😉)
  • And lastly: Enjoy! Don’t forget we’re celebrating Pride Month and the beauty of the spectrum of sexuality, so go ahead and have fun with your reads!

#spectrumreads part 2              #spectrumreads part 3

We’ve also prepared some recommendations to help those who will be looking for their #spectrumreads TBR! Take a look!

You can also check out websites like LGBTQ Reads and YA Pride for more recommendations!

We’ll be operating mainly on Instagram and Twitter, but everyone is free to join!

Find us on these platforms!

Alexx: Blog | Instagram | Twitter
Dexter: Blog | Instagram | Twitter
Spectrum Reads: Twitter

Happy Pride Month everyone!

How about you guys? Joining any readathons this Pride Month? Will you be joining us? Tell us what you think in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Pride Month Readathon: #spectrumreads

  1. I am highly interested with participating the reading prompts and photo challenge, but for all that I have on my “need to read” list, I’ll have to go with just the photo challenge. Good luck with your event! ❤

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