7 Gorgeous Alternate Book Covers for All for the Game by Nora Sakavic

If you know me on social media, you probably already know that I am, and I cannot stress this enough, an absolute trash for The Foxhole Court, or more formally known as the All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic.

Ever since I joined the fandom a year ago, I came to terms with the fact that this fandom…has so many talented artists! From fan art, to merch designs, to cosplays, this fandom never disappoints. Apart from these, artists have also been sharing their own designs for the book covers! You heard that right! Alternate book covers.

Now, the original covers look a little bare (it’s no secret), but these wonderful artists gave them new life and form, and added their own twists! And if you’re a fan, just like I am, I swear these covers will wow you!

Scroll down and see these gorgeous All for the Game alternate book covers for yourself!

1. Cover redesign by artgent

Simple, mellow, yet enthralling. This is what I choose to describe these covers! I adore the play on the fox head and the raven, and I also love that the artist used pastel colors for these.

Follow the artist: Instagram | Tumblr

2. Cover redesign by kiiakanerva

This work is the first cover redesign I’ve seen when I joined the fandom. I remember freaking out and loving everything about these gorgeous covers! What’s more awesome is that these became the official covers for the Russian edition of the series!

Follow the artist: Instagram | Tumblr

3. Cover and interior redesign by its.seameh

I first saw the artist’s cover redesign and was impressed! And then I saw from their feed that not only did they redesign the book cover, they redesigned the interior of the book as well! This was so wonderful, and I can’t help but wish we had hardcover versions of this series.

Follow the artist: Instagram | Shop RedBubble

4. Graphic cover edit by vlctorvale

This is such a fun take on the covers and I’m definitely a fan! It’s fresh, it’s creative, it’s vibrant, and for a moment, I forget that these books have caused me so much pain.

Follow the artist: Instagram | Tumblr

5. Cover redesign by miniyrds

Simple yet very mysterious. I love this one! It definitely reminds me of Neil’s life on the run. The artist also remade the covers for all three books back in 2016, make sure to check that out!

Follow the artist: Tumblr

6. Cover remake by silberkuste

Now, these are just amazing. I love the simplicity and the color palettes for each book cover! However, my favorite has to be the artist’s remake of The King’s Men because, of course, soft Andreil is superior.

Follow the artist: Instagram | Twitter

7. Cover illustration by swagayen

These book cover illustrations are quite amazing. The whole thing is such a treat for the eyes! The colors, the little details, the perspective, the lines, everything! I even love the spines! (Notice those exy racquets *wink*)

Follow the artist: Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | Website | Contact

And there you have it. 7 amazing covers, 7 amazing artists, 1 series!

What’s your favorite among these? And if they’re ever going to publish new versions of the books, which of these would you choose? Tell me in the comments!

*Note: All artworks featured in this post have permission from the artists.

8 thoughts on “7 Gorgeous Alternate Book Covers for All for the Game by Nora Sakavic

    • I highly recommend this series, but there are a lot of triggering content which I know is not for everybody. 😅 But you’re definitely right, these covers are fantastic! It’s why I really thought of showcasing them!


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