25 Queer Books You Should Add To Your 2021 TBR

2021 is starting to look magnificently queer and I am here for it! We were blessed with amazing LGBTQ+ books this year, and it seems like it’s going to be the same thing for 2021. Maybe even more! How exciting is that?! So if you’re looking for glorious LGBTQ+ 2021 book releases, gear up! This is my little gift to you!

Here are 25 queer books you should to your TBR for 2021! 

2021 LGBTQ Releases part 1

1. Winter’s Orbit

Think Red, White & Royal Blue but make it space opera. And then mix in some political arranged marriage and an interplanetary war. Now I bet that’s more than enough to get your attention! Winter’s Orbit is about to take off on February 2, 2021!

2. Can’t Take That Away

“An empowering and emotional debut about a genderqueer teen who finds the courage to stand up and speak out for equality…” I already love this, and I think you need to read this, too. Can’t Take That Away is out on March 9, 2021!

3. Perfect On Paper 

This one’s for my bisexual and pansexual book nerds out there! Perfect on Paper stars a bisexual girl who gives anonymous love advice to her classmates is hired by the hot guy to help him get his ex back. This book is out on March 9, 2021.

4. The Unbroken

This North African-inspired adult science fiction fantasy novel is truly something to look out for. Don’t miss out on political intrigue, espionage, assassinations, queer characters, and a sapphic romance! The Unbroken releases on March 23, 2021!

5. Between Perfect and Real 

This moving YA debut deserves a place in your TBRs for sure! It’s about a trans boy casted as a “nontraditional” Romeo who realizes he wants everyone to see him as he really is now––not just on the stage, but everywhere in his life. Between Perfect and Real releases on April 13, 2021!

2021 LGBTQ Releases part 2

6. Victories Greater than Death 

A thrilling adventure set against an intergalactic war! If that’s not exciting enough for you, how about throwing in some aliens, the enemies to friends to lovers trope, and LGBTQ+ heroes saving the world? Victories Greater Than Death is out on April 13, 2021!

7. In Deeper Waters

Think of coming-of-age tour, swoony adventure, gay pirates, and you get In Deeper Waters! This young adult queer historical fiction is a cross between The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue meets Pirates of the Caribbean. This is out on April 20, 2021!

8. She Drives Me Crazy 

If you’re in the mood for a sapphic romcom featuring high school nemeses who fall in love with each other while on a fake dating scheme, you are in for a treat! She Drives Me Crazy is perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli and Casey McQuiston. Out on April 20, 2021!

9. Meet Cute Diary 

Who’s up for a swoon-worthy romcom with trans joy, fake dating, explorations of gender & sexuality, and more! Meet Cute Diary is about a transgender teen’s first love and how it challenges his ideas about perfect relationships.This book is out on May 4, 2021.

10. Cool for the Summer

The bi romance is thriving in this book! Cool for the Summer is a story of self-discovery and new love, featuring a girl who’s got the guy but can’t stop thinking about another girl. This releases on May 11, 2021!

2021 LGBTQ Releases part 3

11. A Master of Djinn 

Imagine a steampunk version of Cairo in 1912, with magic and supernatural creatures and queer romance. That’s what Master of Djinn is! Though this is the third part of a series, it’s the first full-length novel in it and P. Djèlí Clark’s debut novel. Watch out for it on May 11, 2021!

12. May The Best Man Win 

A trans boy in the battle for the title of Homecoming King with his ex-boyfriend? This is the queer rivals to lovers contemporary YA debut we need! May The Best Man Win releases on May 18, 2021!

13. In the Ravenous Dark 

Starring a pansexual bloodmage, In the Ravenous Dark is one exciting queer dark fantasy to look out for! Said bloodmage is forced to team up with an undead spirit to start a rebellion among the living and the dead. Anyone else gearing up for this?! This is out on May 18, 2021!

14. Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating 

From the author of The Henna Wars comes another exciting sapphic romcom! This time it’s all about two Bengali girls fake dating! Expect pining, slow burn, and all the sapphic romance we need. Watch out for Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating on May 25, 2021! 

15. Pumpkin 

Fans of Julie Murphy will be delighted to see a third installment from the Dumplin’ series! This time it’s about Waylon Russell Brewer is a fat, openly gay boy who’s now on the run for prom queen. Pumpkin is out on May 25, 2021.

2021 LGBTQ Releases part 4

16. The Witch King 

What do you get when you mix a fae kingdom, a trans witch, a fae prince at risk of losing the throne, and a pending engagement with your best friend? You get the exciting debut YA fantasy The Witch King! Get ready for it on June 1, 2021!

17. One Last Stop 

If you loved Red, White & Royal Blue, you’ll want to look out for this! One Last Stop is another romantic comedy from Casey McQuiston, this time with a swoony, sapphic romance and a dash of time travel. This releases on June 1, 2021!

18. Jay’s Gay Agenda

Looking for a moving and hilarious sex-positive queer YA? Well, I bet this book is the answer! Jay’s Gay Agenda is all about the complexities of first loves, first hookups, and first heartbreaks. This book is out on June 1, 2021!

19. The Darkness Outside Us 

The Darkness Outside Us is a YA science fiction novel to watch out for! Think enemies-to-lovers, political intrigue, and a sentient spaceship. This is out on June 1, 2021!

20. Darling 

Peter Pan retelling, but let’s make it queer! From the acclaimed author of The Wicker King and The Weight of the Stars, Darling is a YA thriller about a teen girl who finds herself lost on a dangerous adventure. This book releases on June 22, 2021!

2021 LGBTQ Releases part 5

21. Rise to the Sun 

If you loved You Should See Me in a Crown, then you should look out for Leah Johnson’s sophomore novel. Rise to the Sun involves three days, two queer, black girls, and one life-changing music festival. This book releases on July 6, 2021!

22. A Lesson in Vengeance 

If you’re up for a sapphic dark academia, you need to know about this book! A Lesson in Vengeance is a dark, twisty, atmospheric thriller about a boarding school haunted by witchcraft. Watch out for this one on August 3, 2021!

23. The Dead and the Dark

This paranormal thriller debut is anything but uninteresting. The Dead and the Dark is about two girls who fall in love when they team up to stop an evil presence terrorizing their small town. It’s out on August 3, 2021!

24. Under The Whispering Door

If you loved The House in the Cerulean Sea, good news: TJ Klune has another treat for you! Under The Whispering Door is a contemporary fantasy about a ghost who refuses to cross over and the ferryman he falls in love with. Get those tissues ready on September 21, 2021!

25. If This Gets Out

Queer boyband romance. Repeat after me: queer boyband romance. I am so excited for this one! Those who are craving for the angst and the fluff that come with this trope should definitely watch out. Publication is in Fall 2021!

And there you have it folks! I am personally so excited for these books next year! I hope these titles catch your attention and you find your next favorite in this list! 

And of course, apart from these 25 titles, there are a lot more queer books releasing in 2021! I actually wanted to add more to this list, but I wanted to keep it under 25. But don’t worry, I still have your back! For more queer books in 2021, I recommend checking out some of these lists:

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