Queer TBR for Pride Month 2021

Hello book nerds! First of all, HAPPY PRIDE! 🏳️‍🌈 It’s that wonderful time of the year again and I’m so so excited! To my fellow queer book nerds, sending you all the hugs! Be extra gay or be quietly queer, just make sure to be you and be unapologetic! And of course, a reminder that Pride is not just for those who are out. Let closeted and questioning people celebrate, too! We’re here for you always.

Okay, now onto the topic at hand: Queer TBR. Now, I’m not able to join or host any readathon for Pride Month (which sucks, I know, but this girl is getting busy. I do have a year-long reading challenge though: #QueerBookFun2021!). However, despite not joining readathons, I’m still very much going to be reading and featuring queer books (books that I’m really excited for AAAHHHHH). Here’s my Queer TBR for Pride Month 2021!

Queer TBR part 1

Trouble Girls

Trouble Girls is a queer reimagining of Thelma and Louise. Now, I haven’t watched the movie, but I’m so interested with how the author will turn this crime/adventure story into a “queer YA #MeToo reimagining”. Thank you so much to Wednesday Books for sending over an ARC a few weeks ago! (UPDATE: I just finished reading Trouble Girls and WOW. Proper review soon!)


Julie Murphy is back in the Dumplin’ verse and this time it’s about an openly gay boy who got nominated for prom queen as a joke (but decide to run—and leave high school with a bang!). I enjoyed reading Dumplin’, and Puddin’ was one of my favorites. It’s really no surprise that I have my eyes on this installment! Thank you to Epic Reads for sending me a copy!

Jay’s Gay Agenda

Jay’s Gay Agenda is one of my most anticipated reads this year! It’s a sex-positive queer YA rom-com, and it tackles the complexities of first loves. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so in! Big thanks to Epic Reads for sending me a copy of this one.

Meet Cute Diary

Trans rep? Fake dating trope? Rom-com?! SIGN ME UP. Described as Felix Ever After meets Becky Albertalli, Meet Cute Diary in this swoon-worthy, heartfelt rom-com about how a transgender teen’s first love challenges his ideas about perfect relationships. Epic Reads sent me a copy of this book as well, thank you to the team!

Queer TBR part 2

Here The Whole Time

Here The Whole Time was a featured book in previous Rainbow Crate box. I was so excited for it, but I just never had the time to read it. I think this is the perfect time to do so! To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before meets Dumplin’ in this body-positive YA love story between two boys who must spend 15 days living with each other over school break.

Fifteen Hundred Miles From The Sun

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Fifteen Hundred Miles From The Sun and I was so thankful when I found out my NetGalley request has been approved! This one is a poignant, funny, openhearted novel about coming out, first love, and being your one and only best and true self.

Fat and Queer: An Anthology of Queer and Trans Bodies and Lives

An anthology featuring fat and queer identities? Yes, please! Fat and Queer is a collection of prose and poetry celebrating fat and queer bodies and lives, and challenging the negative and damaging representations of these identities. As another fat and queer person, I am so hyped up for this!

Future Feeling

The moment I read the synopsis of Future Feeling, I was hooked! It blends science fiction and magic as a dog walker obsessed with a social media influencer inadvertently puts a curse a young man and must adventure into mysterious dimension in order to save him. (Doesn’t that sound awesome already?!) Thank you to Soft Skull Press for sending over a copy!

That’s it for me! I have to admit, this TBR is very ambitious. But hey, it’s Pride Month and this is how I want to celebrate!

How about the rest of you? Any plans for Pride Month? Do you also have a Pride Month TBR? Share it down below!

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