Book Recommendations Based on BTS Songs Pt. 2

Hello book nerds and bookish ARMYs (or what I’m starting to call bookmys on social 😆)! First of all, Happy Festa and Happy 8th to Bangtan! It’s honestly so crazy that I’ve only started being a fan late last year. It feels like I’ve known them for a long time—with the way they changed me and my life. I found comfort and healing in BTS and ever since then, I’ve been a big fan. And since it’s BTS month, I’m back with another book rec list based on BTS songs!

Before I get into it, here is the Part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet! I loved doing this so much, so I figured I should do a part two for their anniversary! I actually planned on posting this on the 13th (BTS birthday!), but I may or may not have been sidetracked by their online concert. (Please forgive me.) But anyway, it’s here! Here are book recommendations based on BTS songs, Part 2!

Butter – Autoboyography

Let’s start with BTS’ latest hit, Butter! Butter, for me, is an all-around feel-good, sweet, fun song. It’s dance track, but it also oozes romance in the best way possible, something that you’ll want to listen to again and again. Because of this, I recommend Autoboyography! This book is a brilliant, queer rom-com I’ve read a few years back, but still remains one of my favorites until today.

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Film Out – History is All You Left Me

Film Out is both beautiful and heartbreaking. It talks about a love that’s now gone, and all you can do is remember and hold onto the memories you have with them. History is All You Left Me fits perfectly with this song! This one is a tearjerker and will definitely leave you feeling a little melancholic, just like the song.

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Black Swan – Eliza and Her Monsters

Black Swan has a special place in my heart. This song is all about creators and artists and the fear of not being able to create art anymore, losing passion and/or inspiration. Eliza and her Monsters captured this message as well. Apart from being an incredible book about friendship and mental health, it also highlighted artists and their connection to their art, and what happens when they don’t finish their creation.

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Mikrokosmos – Every Body Shines

Mikrokosmos is an undoubtedly beautiful song. It references the ancient Greek philosophy of microcosm, the perception that humans are their own little world or universe. For this, I’m recommending Every Body Shines. This book showed that fat people are so much more than their weight, that we contain multitudes and we’re all different from one another. The lyrics “Don’t disappear / ‘Cause you’re a big existence / Let us shine” fit so well with this book.

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Intro: Persona – Victories Greater Than Death

Intro: Persona is a gem of a song. It’s a self-reflective song that talks about one’s personality and character, and touches themes like self-doubt and self-discovery. I recommend queer YA sci-fi novel Victories Greater Than Death! In this book, the main character is a hidden clone of a famous alien hero, which leads her to contemplate her existence and wonder who she truly is.

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Waste It On Me – All for the Game Series

Waste It On Me is a melodic and yet heartbreaking song. It talks about how the one you love does not believe in love, and yet you’re urging them to take a chance on you. “But if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time / Waste it on me.” Because of this (and many more lyrics from this song), I’m recommending the All for the Game series! I swear this whole song seems to be describing the main character and his love interest in the books. 😳

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Heartbeat – Incredible Doom

Heartbeat is a sweet, hopeful song. It’s practically BTS’ love letter to their fans, the BTS ARMY. The song talks about how their different their lives would be without the fans and their fellow members, and hope that they would stay strong despite the hardships. And so, I recommend graphic novel Incredible Doom! This novel highlighted how amazing and comforting it can be to connect with people and forge unexpected friendships. It shows that building a community of people and support around you is freeing and significant.

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Fake Love – She Drives Me Crazy

Fake Love is an emotional and poetic track. It talks about a kind of love that is harmful and manipulative, and it explores our too perfect expectations about love. Because of this, I keep thinking about She Drives Me Crazy. This book explores toxic relationships and how messy the impact can be. Of course, there’s also the hope to heal and let go from it.

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Paradise – Pumpkin

Paradise is one comforting song. Its main message and inspiration is “it’s okay if you don’t have a dream”, telling people that it’s okay to enjoy life as it is instead of being pressured to dream. For this, I’m recommending Pumpkin. In this book, we the main character struggle to figure out what he’s going to do for college. Throughout the book we see him contemplate his options and accept that having no concrete plan is okay, too.

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There you go! 9 books you can check out based on BTS songs, or… 9 BTS songs you can check out if you haven’t yet! Tell me if you’ve read some of these books already or if they’re already on your TBRs! Feel free to chat below!

Bookmys, sending hugs to all of you! Here’s to 8 years and infinity with BTS!

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6 thoughts on “Book Recommendations Based on BTS Songs Pt. 2

  1. I’ve already said it on Insta, but I wanted to again: I love this!
    For some reason I’ve only heard Heartbeat this month, which is so weird. I didn’t notice there was a BTS World album. 😅
    I didn’t know Paradise was about that! I’m guilty of not always reading their lyrics. But now I need to read that and Pumpkin too! That topic is something I think about frequently.

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