Book Review: Kingston and the Echoes of Magic // Bigger and bolder

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Kingston and the Echoes of Magic
Author: Rucker Moses, Theo Gangi
Genre/s and tags: Middle Grade, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Magic, Mythology, BIPOC Lead
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers
Publication date: October 12, 2021
Content warnings: Violence (mild), loss of a parent
Goodreads synopsis: 

In this duology’s finale, Kingston travels back in time and uses his growing magic to save the world.

Kingston might have saved Echo City but the victory is bittersweet without his pops by his side. The holidays are approaching and if Kingston could have one wish, it would be to have his father, who is trapped in the Realm, come home. But as new problems arise and blackouts blanket the city, Kingston begins to have a persistent feeling of deja vu, as if he’s lived this same day before–and he has. Echo City living up to its name, is caught in a repeating time loop.

Maestro, his father’s old rival, has found a way to overwrite reality with an alternate timeline where he rules over all. It will be up to Kingston, Too Tall, and V to find a way to enter the Realm and travel back through time to stop him. But with a magic he still barely understands, Kingston will needs his friends’ smarts and their collective courage to figure out the mystery and find Maestro before Brooklyn as they know it is erased for good.


A big thank you to Megan Beatie Communications for sending me a finished copy!
(This, of course, did not affect my overall opinion of the book.)

Hello book nerds! Coming at you with another book review this week! Although, just to be transparent, this book is actually my last read of 2021! I have been reading and enjoying middle grade novels lately, and this book was another great journey.

Bigger and bolder, and yet still full of heart, Kingston and the Echoes of Magic is a finale that will keep you on your toes!

My thoughts on Kingston and the Echoes of Magic

If I thought Kingston and the Magician’s Lost and Found was fun and exciting, this sequel is even more so. If anything, this book went for bigger and bolder! The authors did such a great job raising the stakes and creating a story that will take the readers through the cosmos.

Kingston and the Echoes of Magic blended magic, science, history, mythology altogether. The result is one complex plot and a compelling journey filled with twists and turns. There were times when it can be hard to keep up with, but the authors do a good job of relaying information from time to time. Moreover, this book still had the wholesomeness and the humor that we first saw in Magician’s Lost and Found. This made the story even more complete and will make you root for the characters and care for them.

As for the characters, Kingston’s perspective was easy to follow, and it was interesting as we follow him through various timelines and as he discovered secrets in the past. I do feel though, like he has matured. There’s still his innocence and eagerness, yes, but I feel as if he’s more calm now. I love the dynamic between the three main characters Kingston, Too Tall, and V as well. There is a lot of trust and love between them three, with every risk and secret they share. We also see them meet new characters that help add life to the story.

I also loved that we dove into Ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology. It gave the story another level of mystery and intrigue that will keep you wanting for more. The different gods and goddesses, the stories, the magic—Kingston learning all of these as we go through the book was an exciting journey.

Just like the first book, family was also a big aspect in Echoes of Magic. We learn histories and secrets, the joy and pain found shared within a family, the sacrifice and the love, and more. There were several heartfelt scenes that hit hard and you can just feel the emotions of the characters so clearly.

Overall, this was a great sequel and I can’t help but wish there was another book to continue this wonderful story. (Good thing it’s about to be adapted into a movie! Yes, a movie! READ: ‘Kingston And The Magician’s Lost & Found’ Movie Adaptation In Works At Disney Branded TV)

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Kingston and the Echoes of Magic // Bigger and bolder

  1. Ahh this entire series sounds amazing! I mean “wholesomeness and humor”?? I’M DEFINITELY UP FOR THAT! Thanks so much for the wonderful review, definitely checking out the books soon! ❤️❤️

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