Revisiting Camp Half-Blood (Part 1)

I am on a mission! I’m on a mission to revisit one of the most historic and well-known fictional world bookworms has ever known… Camp Half-Blood.

That’s right, it’s time for a reread! Yaaay!

The very first time I read Percy Jackson and the Olympians series was in my sophomore year of high school, so that was almost six years ago!  It’s been six years; six years since I’ve fallen in love with this amazing series brought to us by Rick Riordan!

So, because PJO is one of my favorite series (one of those series that holds a special place in my heart), and I’ve gotten lucky and snagged a UK cover boxed set at a book fair, I’ve decided that a reread is truly a must! I’ll start with first five books and then make my way through the Heroes of Olympus as well! And then, with every reread, I’m going to write a review of sorts!

Alright. Here we go!

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March Wrap Up

After a very busy February (resulting to me only reading four books), I thought March would be very busy as well. Turns out, I managed to read more books than I imagined, and I am quite satisfied as most of these books are 5-star reads! March has been good to me indeed. Here is my March Wrap Up!

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