Interview: Gail D. Villanueva, Author of Sugar and Spite

Hello book nerds! Today I’m featuring a Filipino author and her wonderful middle grade contemporary fantasy!

I am talking about Gail D. Villanueva and Sugar and Spite! This book was so, so wonderful, even more so as a Filipino reader! I read this book within 24 hours and I swear it left me all soft and gooey inside. I know kids, especially Filipino/Filipino diaspora, (and maybe even teens and adults!) will find comfort and love in this book as well. I am so thankful to have read this. (See my Goodreads review here!)

Now, I had the opportunity to interview author Gail. D. Villanueva as part of the Sugar and Spite Blog Tour hosted by TBR And Beyond Tours! We talked about inspirations for her book, Filipino culture, book recommendations, and upcoming projects!

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Interview: Reina Regina, Author of Please Pick Me

Hello book nerds! I’m welcoming December with a new author interview, and this time with another Filipino author!

Reina Regina is the author of Please Pick Me (published November 11, 2020), a poetry book that tackles falling in love, vulnerability, and wanting that love for ourselves. Reina offered me an a copy of her poetry book in exchange for an honest review a few months ago and I adored it!

Now I’ll be chatting with Reina about her first ever poetry book, writing inspirations, and other poetry book recommendations!

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Interview: Sophie Gonzales, Author of Only Mostly Devastated

Hello book nerds. I’m back with a new author interview, and I’m very excited to be sharing this particular one today!

I read Only Mostly Devastated a few months back and admired it so much. And with the author’s announcements of her next books for 2021, I wanted to take the chance and chat with her!

Fortunately, Sophie had the time to answer a few questions for all of us nerds! We talked about her latest book, Only Mostly Devastated, bi representation in the media, her upcoming 2021 books, and more.

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Interview: Cassandra Rose Clarke, Author of Forget This Ever Happened

Hello book nerds! Who’s up for a YA sci-fi thriller with a dash of queer romance?

I read Forget This Ever Happened back in August and I adored it! I was initially interested in it because I loved the synopsis and the concept! I don’t read a lot of thrillers, but this one particularly caught my attention because it reminded me of energy vortexes and for a little bit, Supernatural and Stranger Things. The fact that it also featured queer romance just added to my excitement.

Forget This Ever Happened was so atmospheric and so gay! I loved the plot and the writing style, although the pacing could be better. The science fiction elements combined with historical fiction gave this story such a unique and mind-bending atmosphere. And as for the romance, Julie and Claire’s relationship was something I really adored throughout the whole book. Overall, this was a great read!

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to as ask Cassandra some questions as part of the Forget This Ever Happened Blog Tour hosted by TBR And Beyond Tours! We talked about inspirations for her book, the writing process, and upcoming projects.

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Interview: Aiden Thomas, Author of Cemetery Boys

Hello book nerds! I have a special treat for all of you today. For today, I’ll be featuring an interview with Aiden Thomas, author of Cemetery Boys!

Now, I cannot stress this enough, Cemetery Boys is one of my top reads this year. This debut novel starring a trans Latinx teen is well-crafted, lush and is absolutely thrilling. Click here to see my full review!

But now, onto the good stuff. I had the opportunity to as ask Aiden some questions as part of the Cemetery Boys Blog Tour hosted by Xpresso Tours. Aiden talked about character inspirations, the creation of the cover, the world-building, the need for queer stories, and more.

Read on!

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