Wanderlust Reader Unboxing: Huntress June 2019

Hi book nerds! I have another unboxing for you, and it’s one of my most awaited! This one is Wanderlust Reader‘s May box. It took a while to get here, but booyyy, this box was so worth it!
The theme is “Huntress” and I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard of it, I already know what the BOTM is gonna be. It’s one of my most anticipated reads this year so it just made me so excited! So what’s inside the box? Here they are!

🏹 Esmeralda-inspired canvas wallet
🏹 Mulan-inspired face towel
🏹 Book sleeve from @booksafeph
🏹 Galaxy bookmarks by @nocturnalfeyart
🏹 Ooling teas
🏹 The BOTM, We Hunt the Flame by @hafsahfaizal
🏹 Signed book plate
🏹 Author letter ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I didn’t expect that the book would come with a book plate and an author letter since WR team didn’t say anything! I also didn’t expect that the book is one of the “error” regular edition as it has a foiled stamp beneath the jacket rather than a blind stamp! (The author talked  about the various editions here!) I hope I can read this book soon!

Anyway, this is one awesome box! Can’t believe WR surprised me again. Thank you so much Wanderlust Reader team!


FairyLoot Unboxing: Broody Banter June 2019

Hi book nerds! Coming at you with another unboxing of FairyLoot today! This time, it is the June “Broody Banter” box!
When I first heard of the June theme, I already knew the book of the month! I could just feel it in my bones. And also because it’s one of my most anticipated reads this 2019! So without further ado, here are the contents of this box:

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FairyLoot Unboxing: Unlikely Romances May 2019

Hi book nerds! I am here today for another incredible unboxing of FairyLoot! This one is their May 2019 box with the theme “Unlikely Romances”. I was supposed to post this last June 9, but it totally slipped my mind because of a current obsession of mine… *cough* All for the Game *cough. But anyway, enough talk, let’s talk about this box!

I’m gonna be honest. I thought I wouldn’t like this box because although it was interesting, the fandoms weren’t my fandoms. But woah, woah, woah. The box arrived and I actually ended up loving it!

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Wanderlust Reader Unboxing: Encanto April 2019

Hi book nerds! It’s been a while since I posted something here! So sorry about that! I have been busy with work, and TV series, but hey, my reading continues!

Today though, I am here for an unboxing of Wanderlust Reader‘s April “Encanto” box!

For those who don’t know, Wanderlust Reader is a local book subscription box for YA fantasy lovers here in the Philippines! They also fervently support local artisans and small businesses, something that I really love and appreciate.

Hearing about the theme for April, which was Encanto, I was so excited!

Encanto, or engkanto as it is written in Filipino, is a mythical creature or spirit and is associated with a lot of Philippine myths and folklore. I used to love hearing all about Philippine myths and stories when I was a kid (and until now haha!), especially because both my parents came from the province of Iloilo, a place known for the paranormal. I just knew that I had to get this box!

Earlier this week, it finally arrived, and I can finally say that I am in love with it! Here are the contents:

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Fairyloot Unboxing: Dark Magic April 2019

Hi book nerds! I am here today for an incredible unboxing of my first ever Fairyloot box!

WARNING: If you haven’t received your April box yet, please exit as this post contains spoilers! 

Okay, a little flash back. Last February, YA Books Central and best-selling author Evelyn Skye had a giveaway on Instagram. The prize? A 3-month book subscription box from Fairyloot. I joined thinking, “oh, I’m probably not gonna win, but let’s do it anyway because this is so cool”. But dear reader, lo and behold, I was the winner. I almost screamed when I found out! But I had to restrain myself as I was at work at that time haha!

April was my first box and I was so excited because I loved that theme the moment I saw it! The theme was Dark Magic, featuring a Latinx-inspired YA fantasy book and items inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic, Shadow and Bone, Harry Potter, Nevernight, and Children of Blood and Bone.

Fast forward to April 25, the first box arrived in the mail! Here’s what I found inside:

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