Book vs. Movie: The Old Guard

Hello book nerds!

Oh my. It’s been a while since I posted my first book vs. movie post! Well, in my defense, the last couple of months has been a whirlwind. But I’m here now, taking a break from rigorous reading, and finally writing this blog post!

Let me begin by saying this entry is a very special one. It’s special because I LOVED the movie. By “loved” I mean, “I got too invested and watched it more than five times AND I still think about it until now.” Yep. That’s exactly what I mean. And if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would know I’m not joking. (Because I’m really not, I swear this movie got me HOOKED.)


Our subject is The Old Guard. The graphic novel is written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Leandro Fernández, while the Netflix adaptation is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and stars Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, Luca Marinelli, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

You might have heard of this already. It was a hit (and received many praises) when it was released this July 2020 on Netflix! I went in and watched the movie without knowing a lot about it, and then I came back a different person. I mean? Queer immortal warriors?? With found family trope, great action scenes, poignant themes, and a fun soundtrack?!? HELL YES. It’s everything I never knew I needed. I also adored it so much that I listed down seven reasons why you should watch The Old Guard. (Loved writing this one!) I also loved it so much that I hosted Netflix parties to watch it with some friends over at bookstagram! (That was really fun!)

Anyway, after partially getting over the movie (I say partially because I’m pretty sure will never get over it), I read the graphic novel! And of course, I just had to compare the two afterwards.

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Book vs. Movie: A Simple Favor

Hey book nerds! Today, I’m here for something a little different from my usual book reviews and interviews. Today, I’m going to compare a book and its movie adaptation! This isn’t going to be a deep analysis or a legit movie review, just a simple book and movie comparison by your resident bookworm. (I don’t know yet if this is going to be a regular part of my blog, but I just wanted to give it a try! Let me know what you think after you read this post!)

Anyway, let’s get on with it!

x300-1Our subject is A Simple Favor. The novel was written by Darcey Bell, and the movie (starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively) was directed by Paul Feig.

I recently listened to the audiobook (part of my Immersing Myself in Audiobooks commitment), because I remember liking the movie and I wanted to know how the book is. And oh boy, was I enlightened. Though the movie follows the same premise, it’s also quite different from the book. There are several differences and the way the story was told varied from the book as well.

So? Are y’all ready to do this?


Before anything else, here is the synopsis of A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell and the trailer for A Simple Favor (2018). Come back here when you’ve read and watched these!

Alright, are you guys done? Great, let’s go!

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Illumicrate Unboxing: Armed and Dangerous August 2019

Hi book nerds! I’m back with another unboxing, and it’s a new book subscription box!

Guys, it’s my first ever Illumicrate box and it is GLORIOUS.

Okay, funny story, I’ve seen the theme announcement and I was like “oohh wow, interesting, the art seems familiar.” And then weeks later, my brain finally caught up and I realized what the BOTM is. So yes, I went ahead and ordered because of the book, and well here we are! 😍

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ARC Review: Five Feet Apart

Title: Five Feet Apart

Authors: Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis

Genre/s: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

My rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Can you love someone you can never touch?

Stella Grant likes to be in control—even though her totally out of control lungs have sent her in and out of the hospital most of her life. At this point, what Stella needs to control most is keeping herself away from anyone or anything that might pass along an infection and jeopardize the possibility of a lung transplant. Six feet apart. No exceptions.

The only thing Will Newman wants to be in control of is getting out of this hospital. He couldn’t care less about his treatments, or a fancy new clinical drug trial. Soon, he’ll turn eighteen and then he’ll be able to unplug all these machines and actually go see the world, not just its hospitals.

Will’s exactly what Stella needs to stay away from. If he so much as breathes on Stella she could lose her spot on the transplant list. Either one of them could die. The only way to stay alive is to stay apart. But suddenly six feet doesn’t feel like safety. It feels like punishment.

What if they could steal back just a little bit of the space their broken lungs have stolen from them? Would five feet apart really be so dangerous if it stops their hearts from breaking too?


I got approved of a DRC (Digital Review Copy) of this book from Edelweiss! With a gorgeous cover and an intriguing concept and theme, this book immediately caught my attention the first time I saw it.

The writing

I really like the writing style of this book. Though the story mainly revolves around the fragility of life and the difficult situation of having a terminal illness, the writing style was light, easy, moderately-paced, and so, so relatable! It was relatable in a way that it shows several aspects of how a modern teenager lives—the use of smartphones, making apps, the use of social media, and the likes.

I also liked the tones of the different narrations. The point of views in this story alternate between the two main characters, Stella and Will. I loved that within these two perspectives, I was able to get a view of their situations and their emotions. With Stella, it was hopeful, and hurting, and guilty. And with Will, it was cynical and reckless. But as the story progresses, the tone turns hopeful and trusting. I loved that.

I also love that this book is very educational. I am familiar with Stella and Will’s illness (cystic fibrosis), though I cannot say that I am fully equipped with knowledge about it. As I read the book, I realized that the authors did not neglect to inform readers about this kind of illness. It made me feel like the authors did a lot of research about this illness, and I am really thankful for it.

The characters

I really liked the characters in this story as well, despite the fact that it was a little cliche for me. The main characters’ personalities are a trope I always see among girl-and-boy pairings—a reckless boy who does not do what he’s been told to do, and a good girl who does everything right. However as I read on, I realized that these characters go beyond these cliche characteristics (and I am really thankful for that!). Will is an artist who craves to see and experience the world, and Stella is a programmer/developer who just misses her family and how they were. These little things made me like them and their chemistry in the story.

I also liked the minor characters. I felt Julie and Barb’s love for Stella, Stella’s parents and their struggles. Stella’s friends, Will’s friends, and Poe, although they only had little parts in the book, they completed Stella and Will’s worlds.

The plot

The plot was also good, but it was a struggle. I struggled because I did not know what will happen to these two main characters, and what will be the end game for them. I did not know if it will be a melancholic ending, or a hopeful one, and that really frustrated me (in a good way haha!). The plot also showed me that there is a fine line between want and need, and the main characters realized that, too.

There were some subplots that have been opened near the ending of the book, and I wished the authors took the time to delve into that much further. These subplots were interesting and I really wanted to know more about them. Also, there is one plot twist that did not sit well with me, and it’s both frustrating and saddening at the same time.

All in all, the plot was good and I can’t wait to buy a physical copy of this!




Four stars! I loved this one, and I really can’t wait for its release on November 20th this year! Also, this book is soon to be a major motion picture starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson in March 2019 and WOW WOW WOW. I am beyond excited!

So, there goes my second read this September, and my very first DRC/eARC from Edelweiss! I have another approved DRC lined up on my TBR and I can’t wait to read it and share it to you!