YA Book Recommendations Based on BTS Songs

Hello book nerds! Today I’m here to talk about books, and also Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 artists.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably already know about my newfound love for BTS. (I blame the bop that is Dynamite.) I’ve never been a big K-pop fan and I wasn’t into BTS. The only BTS songs I’ve listened to prior to Dynamite are IDOL and Boy with Luv (also bops). But then my sister and I watched the music video for Dynamite, and she taught me their names, and I listened to Dynamite for hours, and then I watched the music video again, then I watched funny videos, and then… well, I think you know what’s happening. It was me becoming a fan.

The thing about BTS that I noticed is that they’re not just your usual boy group. They’re also storytellers (and amazing human beings). As I listened to more and more of their songs, I noticed that there’s always a story behind them, some sort of deeper inspiration, or a significant message they want to put forward. I was in awe of how they can make every song such a great story. (Also, as a former literary writer, I am just in awe of their lyricism!)

So me being the book nerd that I am, I started thinking to myself, what if I matched some of their songs to Young Adult books?

Fast forward today, you’re now reading this blog post! Get comfy because I am about to ramble on. Here are YA Book Recommendations based on several BTS songs!

IDOL – I’ll Be The One

Let me start with this one because this has been the first ever BTS song I’ve ever listened to. IDOL is basically about BTS embracing the fact that they’re an Idol. For this, I recommend I’ll Be The One, where Skye has her sights on becoming the world’s first plus-sized K-pop star! (I’m just literally so excited for this book!)

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Boy with Luv – Cemetery Boys

Boy with Luv is a bop and you cannot tell me otherwise. This song tells us that there’s nothing stronger than someone who is fueled by love, and I cannot help but think of Yadriel and Julian from Cemetery Boys! From their chemistry, their developing feelings, everything!

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A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone – Each of Us A Desert

There’s a lot of loneliness and fear in A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, but ultimately it tells us there’s someone with us and that we can find warmth and support together. I think this song is spot on with Each of Us A Desert. This book is a whole journey, thematic and beautiful and poignant in every kind of way.

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Answer: Love Myself – Felix Ever After

Answer: Love Myself is such a sentimental song (just reading the English translation, especially SUGA’s verse got me teary-eyed, I’m not going to lie). For this, I’m recommending Felix Ever After! This book is an honest and significant story about identity and recognizing the love you deserve. I believe this matches perfectly well with the message of the song.

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DNA – A Thousand Pieces of You

DNA is another bop and there’s something so addictive in its melody and something romantic in the lyrics. This song is all about destiny and finding your true love in every universe or lifetime there is. A Thousand Pieces of You fits so perfectly in this narrative. It’s science fiction and romance and adventure from one universe to another.

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ON – Last Girls

ON tells us a story of fighting on through multiple setbacks and enduring the pain. And there’s a certain part of the song that goes “Rain be pourin’ / Sky keep fallin'” that makes me think of Honey, Birdie, and Blue from Last Girls. These sisters try to prepare for survival and fight for their lives, every minute of every day, and especially when the threat comes from their own people.

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Anpanman – Faith: Taking Flight

Anpanman has such a moving message. This song is inspired by the cartoon character/red bean bread hero who doesn’t have superpowers, but instead gives pieces of his bean bread face to hungry people. There’s also lyrics from the chorus that reminds me of Faith’s character in Faith: Taking Flight: “I’m a new generation Anpanman / I’m a new superhero Anpanman“. Faith is definitely a new kind of superhero that the world needs to see more of.

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Magic Shop – Miss Meteor

Magic Shop is one of my absolute favorites. Not only this one so elegant, it also has a beautiful message—to show your true self and to find value and love on yourself and the people around you. (Also, this song is a way for BTS to say they’ll always be with ARMYs and that’s just lovely!) This, for me, goes so well with Miss Meteor, from the story and to the characters themselves! Make sure to check this one out because it will be released in a few days!

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Dynamite – You Should See Me in a Crown

This record-breaking song is the latest from BTS. The positive message paired with the funky and catchy tunes makes Dynamite such a cheerful song! For this, I’m recommending You Should See Me in a Crown, which is such a fun, wholesome book celebrating Black queer joy. Also, I think the lyrics “I’mma light it up like dynamite“, fits perfectly with the main character Liz Lighty. (Okay, see what I did there?)

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BONUS: Spring Day – *insert your favorite book here*

Spring Day is that bitch, okay. It’s a song about missing someone you love, saying that it’s like winter without them and that you can’t wait for spring when you finally see them. This song has me feeling a multitude of emotions in its entirety, it’s a beautiful and emotional song. Because of this, I cannot think of only one specific book to recommend based on this BTS song. Instead, I believe Spring Day would definitely represent your favorite book. You know, that book you reread time and time again, that book you always come back to, the book that gives you comfort in the hard times. I know you’re thinking of one book right now… and trust me, that book is this song.

There you have it! 9 books you can add to your TBRs based on BTS songs! Have you already some of these books? Not yet? And if you happen to be a fan as well, tell me who’s your bias! Whatever it is, come talk to me!

Also, they have more wonderful songs out there! Try Black Swan, Fake Love, Epiphany, Moon, and The Truth Untold! For the mean time, go and stream Dynamite!

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10 thoughts on “YA Book Recommendations Based on BTS Songs

  1. I loved it! I’ll definitely come back to pick some inspiration when I don’t know what to read, thank you. And yes, Spring Day is THE song, so beautiful and melancholic 💗

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  2. Ok this is such a good list!! Most of the books mentioned here are on my tbr and I super excited to read them!!

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  3. The part where it said *insert your favorite book and I know you’re thinking of one made say: cut the camera, how did you know-

    That book (Pt2/ last of the series) name is “You’ve Reached Sam” – Dustin Thao. I haven’t read it yet, but the once who did are saying it DESTROYED them 🧍🏻‍♀️

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