Book Review: Intent and Intentions: …And All the Powers that Be

Title: Intent and Intentions: …And All the Powers that Be

Author: Thad Hawley, Skook (Illustrator)

Genre/s: Young Adult, Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Adventure

My rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

Trell, a hapless soul, bittered and hollowed by his own existence, unexpectedly discovers a purpose and finds himself thrust headlong into the Known World. Ushered along by the most reverend Accepted of The White Tower, Trell embarks on a perilous quest into the callous and unwelcoming world beyond the valley; a world filled with menacing orcs and cunning bards, scheming goblins and clever treelops, and beneath it all, an indifferent nature cracking at the seams. In a time of obscure lore and guarded secrets, how can one so simple hope to comprehend so much? How could anyone balance that narrow margin between the Intent and Intentions of All the Powers that Be?


The author of this book asked me to read it in exchange for an honest review. And I’ll be honest right away. When I first read the synopsis, I was intrigued but I didn’t know what to expect and I thought I wouldn’t liked it as much. Boy, was I wrong. This was a really good read and I enjoyed every bit of it!

The writing style

I loved the writing style of this book! The author used deeper vocabulary, yet it was so easy to read. The characters’ perspectives blend together perfectly, the scenes can go from mysterious and vague to funny and wholehearted, and information and details about their fictional world were supplied just at the right time. I really applaud the author for his writing here!

The characters

The characters were really interesting for me. Trell, our supposed hero, annoyed me. It pains me to say that, but it’s the truth. And I guess, I kind of see why. When you’ve been empty for so long and you’ve been going through the motions for as long you can remember, a newfound purpose will change you. That said, Trell was too condescending and proud most of their journey.

Trell’s friend, Arden, was the one I liked. Arden was sensible and brave, and he was nothing but a good friend to Trell from the beginning until the end.

I liked Taproot and Tickleroot as well! I adored Taproot and his sense of responsibility and his logical mind, and I loved Tickleroot’s enthusiasm and charm! Without them, Trell and Arden would have gotten nowhere, that’s for sure.

Gleeven was also a nice addition to the group. He was mysterious and a little bit scary at first, but he was wise nonetheless.

The plot

The plot was really good, though I must say the first few parts dragged on. It was fairly simple, Trell needs to go on a quest and fulfill a prophecy, and yet, it was also very mysterious. Their journey dragged on, but they encountered setbacks, dangerous creatures, and armed enemies.

The plot twist at the end was really good though! I happened so suddenly that I couldn’t process it at first. Plus, there were also other revelations towards the end of the book and that really made the last few chapters and scenes thrilling.

Still, the story for me presented a couple of unanswered questions, and the ending of the story was quite open.

The world-building

The world-building was really good, too! It was expansive and seriously detailed, and I loved getting to know the fictional world this story was set in. There were classic medieval elements which I liked; kings and lords, goblins, orcs, sorcery, swords, kingdoms, greedy royals, and powerful darkness like no other. I really loved getting through the details of its world-building.

Quotes from the book

When the oxen have devoured a field and I open a new gate, I can trust the oxen to go through to graze. When a thief stands below an open window, you can trust the thief to steal.” He hesitated briefly before completing his thought, “You can trust anyone or anything, if you know their intentions.”

Remember, it’s okay to be afraid. Just don’t act afraid.

We Treelops know justice too, but ours is a different justice—that of the natural world. It is the essence of our existence, the fiber of our marrow. We are of the natural world. But humans…some humans…know compassion. That is something a Treelop rarely considers. Compassion…isn’t a natural attribute. Perhaps it is just that humanity inherits this world.”

I am many things at many different times! I wrestle dragons and tickle bears. I float on clouds and dance in the heavens. I catch lightning on my tongue and thunder in my cheeks! I flip mountains and scale great walls, but I never steal!”

                                                       – said the pickpocket. Haha! I loved this quote!

These are strange times, and in such times, we must have faith in the judgement of those we trust most.


There goes my first read of March! A good one indeed! Thanks so much Thad Hawley for getting me to read this!

If you guys love epic fantasy and adventure, I suggest you give this one a try!

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