Reading Challenge: #ReadQueerToo2022

Hello book nerds! I’m back again, once again with another reading challenge!

First of all, happy holidays. I can’t believe it’s actually December? And that we only have less than two weeks of it?! But hey, this only means getting ready for another year, and getting ready for a whole new TBR. (Okay, serious question: Do you have your 2022 TBR set already?)

Now, to help make your TBRs more diverse, I’m inviting you all to another queer book reading challenge. The past two challenges have been a success and it’s truly amazing seeing all your reads for #QueerBookFun2021! I’m so thankful for your participation! So for 2022, we’re continuing the fun!

Welcome to #ReadQueerToo2022!

The goal: to read books that feature and focus on LGBTQ+ characters and stories, and share these with others. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s a new 2022 release or a backlist title. As long as it highlights and/or celebrates stories and experiences from the queer community, it is welcome!

Now am I going to leave you hanging without bingos and templates? No way! Here is our book bingo and reading template for #ReadQueerToo2022! You’ll notice that our book bingo doesn’t only feature keywords anymore, it also features icons! These icons represent a genre or a theme which you can use to find your next your queer reads. For example, the “swords” icon can represent a queer fantasy novel, and the “drag queen” icon can represent books about drag. (Bonus if you match the genre/theme of the icon to the various Pride flag colors it represent! For example, the “swords” icon matches the Asexual flag/Asexual rep.)

This 2021, I saw queer books in just about every genre with various kinds of tropes, featuring diverse characters and stories. I want to challenge myself, and you dear book nerds, to read these queer books, too.

Read Queer Too 2022 Book Bingo
Read Queer Too 2022 Reading Template

Of course, please don’t hesitate to share your reads! Use the reading progress template to share, review, and recommend your recent reads. Mark your bingo cards and share them on your stories. Share photos and reviews on bookstagram, or even post reviews on your blog, and more. Just make sure to use the hashtag #ReadQueerToo2022 when posting on Instagram! Feel free to tag me as well, so I can share your bingos and templates!

You can find this challenge on StoryGraph now! Join in on the challenge, add your books to the prompts, and see you in 2022!

That’s it for me today! Thank you for reading this far! I can’t wait to see all of the books you’ll be reading for this challenge. And at the end of the day, whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, I hope this challenge will be able to remind you and encourage you to read queer books, too. 💜

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