Reading Challenge: #QueerBookFun2021

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope everyone is greeting the new year with high spirits. And I hope all of you are having fun and staying safe!

Now, I’m here today because it’s 2021 and I’m back with another LGBTQ+ reading challenge! My 2020 reading challenge was a success even though that one only started as a personal challenge to myself. I am so glad a lot of other book nerds participated and had fun with it. Every tag and comment over on bookstagram is just perfect and I am so thankful!

Now, I have another one for 2021. Doing another challenge has already been in the back of my mind back in December, and with several people also asking if I’m doing another one, I decided to push through!

And so, I present you #QueerBookFun2021!

The goal is pretty much the same: to read books that feature and focus on LGBTQ+ characters and stories, and share these with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s a timely 2021 release or a book that’s been published a few years back. I’m also encouraging everyone to read across different genres, try different tropes, and more.

And of course, I have here a book bingo and a reading template you can use as you go through the challenge throughout the year! To make it more fun, I mixed it up a little bit and added new categories for the book bingo! There are new genres, tropes, and keywords!

Queer Book Fun 2021 Book Bingo
Queer Book Fun 2021 Reading Template

Last but not the least, please don’t hesitate to share your reads! Use the reading progress template to tell us all about the books you’ve read for this reading challenge. Mark your bingo cards and share them on your stories. Share reviews. Post photos on bookstagram, and make sure to use the hashtag #QueerBookFun2021! You can also follow me and tag me so I can share your bingos and templates!

The challenge is now live on StoryGraph as well! Join in on the challenge and add your books to the prompts!

One last thing, feel free to check out my blog post 25 Queer Books You Should Add to Your 2021 TBR for recommendations and more lists!

That’s it for me! I can’t wait to see all of the books you’ll be reading for this challenge. I hope you find great reads and new favorites, and give well-deserved love and recognition to more queer books!

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21 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: #QueerBookFun2021

  1. Definitely aiming for at least one bingo, if not a blackout on this! I’ll have to use the free space for a polyamory read, though, boo. Or one of the topic squares (vs. the gender/sexual identity squares). But that’s okay! There’s so much variety in our community, and somehow we always seem to miss one, sometime, somewhere, inevitably. xD Will be using this blog to keep track of my reads, along with the…. many many MANY other book challenges I will be attempting. xD Ah, reading. ❤

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